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I'm going to bump the thread PRETTY WOMANPART 14INT. PENTHOUSE LIVING ROOM - DAYEdward enters the living room. Vivian slowly enters behind him. Edward opens the front door. Mr. Kross slowly enters.He looks very old and tired; so much so that Edward has to maskhis surprise.KROSSMr. Harris.EDWARDHow are you, Mr. Kross.KROSSNot bad for a man who hasn'tslept in four nights. I'll getused to it.An angry, reluctant looking David Kross is behind his father.Stuckey brings up the rear. Edward and David give one anotherperfunctory nod. Stuckey smugly winks at Edward. Edward closesthe door and leads them all down the stairs.Vivian is very troubled at Kross's appearance. He gently nodsat Vivian.KROSSYoung lady.VIVIANHello.(to David)Hi.DAVIDHello, Vivian.STUCKEYLet's not waste time here, shallwe? Mr. Kross, you said thismorning, you wished to speak withMr. Harris. Mr. Harris is nowlistening.Kross has to fight down his humiliation at Stuckey's tone. Heturns to Edward.KROSSYes. I'm here to tell you thatI've reconsidered my position onyour acquisition offer.EDWARDExpected... offer.KROSSOf course, yes. After theexpected filing period is over,I'm going to recommend to theboard that we accept your bid.EDWARD(a moment)You're making the right decision,sir.Stuckey glances triumphantly at Edward. He is surprised tosee that there doesn't seem to be any victory in Edward's face.Edward is silent. Kross interprets his silence as secondthoughts.KROSSI'll see you on one condition.I'm not so concerned for me butthe people who have worked forme...Vivian is disturbed watching this tired looking man.STUCKEY(quickly)They'll be taken care of. Won'tthey, Edward?Kross ignores Stuckey. He looks to Edward. Edward slowlynods.KROSSI'll sign anything you want then.STUCKEYToday.Kross nods tiredly. His voice is very soft.KROSSToday.Vivian abruptly turns and disappears into the bedroom,obviously upset. The men all watch her go. Edward hesitates.He turns to Kross:EDWARDExcuse me, please?He heads to the bedroom.INT. PENTHOUSE BEDROOM - DAYVivian is sitting on the bed, on the phone.VIVIANHello. Is Kit DeLuca there?When she comes in will you haveher call Vivian Wells at 560-30000.Yes. Okay.She hangs up as Edward comes in.VIVIANWhat did you do to him?EDWARDWhat do you mean?VIVIANLast time I saw him he was thisstrong guy. Now he's beaten.And you liked him.EDWARDVivian, I want you to listen tome. The man realized that itwould be better for his futureand his son's future, if hecooperated.VIVIANRight.EDWARDIt's not your concern. It's...business, that's all.VIVIANBusiness.EDWARDYes. The man made a businessdecision.VIVIANIt's all just business to you.Him. Me. Your life.Everything's business.EDWARDIt's what I do for a living.It's how I make money.Silence.EDWARDI'll be back in a few hours.We'll talk about this later.INT. PENTHOUSE LIVING ROOM - DAYEdward enters the living room. The men look at himexpectantly.EDWARDWe'll continue this down at theoffice.He heads for the door.EXT. PENTHOUSE PATIO - DAYVivian stands at the railing, unhappily looking out at the citybeyond. The phone RINGS. She turns and hurries inside.INT. PENTHOUSE LIVING ROOM - DAYVivian answers the phone.VIVIANLo?INT. HOTEL LOBBY - DAY - INTERCUTMr. Thomas is standing behind the front desk, a rather strainedexpression on his face.MR. THOMASBarnard Thomas here. MissVivian, I wonder if you might comedown to the front desk. There'ssomeone here to see you.VIVIANMe?MR. THOMASI'd send them up, but sadly, Idon't trust the young lady to findyou on her own.A hand reaches out and wrenches the phone away from Mr. Thomas.Kit, heavy make-up, skimpy outfit, chewing gum, cigarette andall, keeps her voice just below a bellow.KITViv? Where are you, babe?(glaring at Mr. Thomas)The sphincter-police won't letme through.INT. HOTEL LOUNGE - DAYKit finishes slurping on a big, frosty ice cream soda. Shesmacks her lips like a happy, little girl. Vivian isn't havinganything.VIVIANYes, I'm glad you're clean butI've been calling and calling.KITWas that you?VIVIANWho did you think?KITCarlos. I still owe him twohundred bucks...VIVIANKit, I left that money for youdays ago.KITYeah. I just got it.An OLDER COUPLE walk past the table. They stare at Kit.KITFifty bucks, grampa. Forseventy-five, the wife can watch.Horrified, the elderly couple hurry away.VIVIANKit...KITEverybody keeps starin' at me.VIVIANYeah... I know what you mean.KITWhat do you know? You look good.All dressed up.(meaning it)You clean up real nice.(giggling)You sure don't fit in down onthe Boulevard, lookin' like youdo. Not that you ever did anyway.VIVIANYou think I fit here where theyjust about chew your food for you?KITWhere do you fit?Vivian is silent, then.VIVIAN(suddenly)I kissed him, Kit. On the mouth.KITHoney, you're not supposed todo that.VIVIANI know. I stopped pretendingand started liking it with himfor real.KITOh, my god, you mean it was good?VIVIAN(miserably)It was great.KITDummy.VIVIANHe wants to set me up in a place,give me some money.KITI pray for that.VIVIAN(nods)All I'm doing is feeling lousyabout it. I don't know what todo. What do I do, Kit?KITGo for the bucks.VIVIANI don't care about bucks.(a beat)I might love this guy.KITWow, are you in deep shit.(a sigh)You know he'll break your heart.Vivian is silent again.KIT (cont'd)I blame myself here. First timeI laid eyes on ya', I knew youwere too complicated to be awhore.Vivian nods. Her face is filled with confusion.INT. BROKERAGE HOUSE - CONFERENCE ROOM - DAYEdward stands at the window looking out. There is somethingabout his somber demeanor that both reflects the look we've justseen on Vivian and suggests the way we saw him at the top ofthe story.Jake enters, a pile of papers under his arm. He begins layingthem out on the conference table.JAKECongratulations, sir.EDWARDWhat?JAKEMr. Kross is just getting offthe phone with his stock broker.It's finished. You've won.Edward says nothing.JAKEWho are you going after next, sir?EDWARDWho indeed...He turns as Stuckey, James and David Kross, and Vance enterthe room. They surround a conference table. Kross sits, thepapers laid out in front of him. Stuckey hands Kross a pen.A SECRETARY lays out finger food. They wait for her to leavebefore they speak.STUCKEYIf we can get these letters ofintent out of the way now... Mr.Harris and I would like to askyou some questions about yourcompany.DAVIDDad, excuse me, but that'sinappropriate. You're under noobligation to answer any questionsat all.KROSSCould we at least wait till afterthe filing period?Stuckey glances to Edward for help. Edward is silent; indeedit's as if something is twisting inside of him. Stuckey plungesahead.STUCKEYMr. Harris is preparing a bidbased on our speculation of thecorporation's net worth. Theprice he ultimately pays for yourfather's stock will be based onthat bid. The more we know, thehigher our bid can be.KROSSIt's in my best interest tocooperate, David.DAVIDIf he throws himself on yoursword, you promise to take careof him and his family, huh?David stares at him.STUCKEYThat's unfair!DAVIDYou bed it is.(to Edward)You're everything he said youwere.(to his father)Do what you have to do, Dad.Just don't expect me to watch it.He exits. A moment. Kross looks at Edward with a resignedsmile.KROSSHe's young. He hasn't learnedhow to lose gracefully yet. I'llsign your papers. And I'll answeryour questions. Whatever youwant.He sighs. He picks up the pen. He's about to sign.EDWARDStop. For just a moment.(a moment)Mr. Kross, I'd like to ask youa few questions before you sign.You realize that you're a target.If you weren't mine, you'd besomeone elses, correct?KROSSYes.EDWARDIf you had a... reprieve, whatwould do?STUCKEY(quickly)I don't think there's any sensein --EDWARDLet him answer.KROSSI... I would take advantage ofit.EDWARDHow?Kross looks uncertain. He gropes for an answer.KROSSI... I don't know. There...there wasn't time...EDWARDI suppose you'd find out soonenough that you have assets youpresently don't seem aware of,wouldn't you? The wasteprocessing licenses at thatabandoned shipyard of yours, you'dcertainly find out about that.Surprise suddenly flares in Stuckey's eyes.STUCKEYOh, my god... Edward, no!EDWARDI suppose you'd use them ascollateral on new loans, wouldn'tyou?STUCKEYHave you lost your mind?KROSS(to Stuckey)Quiet.(to Edward)Would I get the loans?EDWARDThis time I imagine you would,yes.(as if thinking about it)Hmm...(a moment)With all this in mind, Mr. Kross,I can't logically make a formalbid on your company, can I?KROSS(a small smile)You'd be initiating a financialbattle you'd ultimately lose, Mr.Harris.EDWARDYou're very right. I think thebest thing we could all do is gohome.STUCKEYWhat!?EDWARDHave a good day, gentlemen.He exits from the room. Stuckey follows.   Most of us take life for granted. We know that one day we must die, but usually we picture that day as far in the future, when we are in buoyant health, death is all but unimaginable. We seldom think of it. wow gold, The days stretch out in an endless vista. So we go about our petty task, hardly aware of our listless attitude towards life.  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