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Ufuk 11.01.2012 22:08

Hi From İstanbul in Turkey
Hi All..
My name is Ufuk and Everywhere is Trabzon for us..

These are some views in İstanbul..


BiałaGwiazda 12.01.2012 18:08

Great pictueres,Istanbul is very beaitful city.Hope to go there one day :) And also Trabzonspor is my favourite Turkish team(because there play 4 polish players :D )

przem 12.01.2012 18:38

But isn't it quite weird that people from Istanbul support Trabzonspor, especially having 3 great teams in their city?

zaRażony Piorunem 15.01.2012 00:30

Nice pics, thanks for joining us and greetings from Wisła Kraków fans straight to Trabzon. I also support Trabzonspor because of polish players there.

Ufuk 21.01.2012 19:03

Thanks brothers..

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